Best doggy day, ever!

I found out today that my boss had to put his dog down this weekend, so tough. Putu had been battling cancer for over 2 years now and it became apparent to Paul this weekend that his time was up. My heart aches for Paul today, I know how tough it is, it was last Labor Day that I had to put my girl down, and in case anyone else out there is going through something similar I wanted to give you an idea for something really special to do with your senior pup before the time comes.

Last summer I knew that we were nearing the end for Chance, we weren’t quite there but it would be soon thereafter. So one weekend I cooked up some steak for her and we went on a road trip! We started by stopping at all of our favorite spots in town:

  1. Einstein Bagels to pick up some doggy bagels
  2. OHSO brewery to pick up some treats
  3. Sprinkles cupcakes to get some pupcakes (I made that up, they should use that)
  4. Stocked up on bones, pig ears, etc.
  5. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (this one was for me!)

Then we and got gas and hit the road!

As soon as we got to Sedona we hopped out and let her go for a brief walk (it’s all she really had in her).

Quick walk

After our walk we went to the dog park! To be honest, this part was really hard. She fell into a bush and wouldn’t move. I thought she was going to make that her resting place. But thank goodness I got her out of there and she went and soaked in some sunrays at the doggy park and got some water in her.

dog park

water bowl

Next stop was our hotel. We stayed at a dog friendly (seriously, really friendly) resort that was also really nice for humans too! We got all settled in, got her dog bed and blanket setup. Filled her water bowl and food bowl and took a little nap. Chance was essentially deaf and blind at this point so I was afraid new surroundings would stress her out but she seemed to handle it splendidly and knew that we were doing something special.

There was a grassy area right outside of our door so she could go to the bathroom frequently which was really helpful since incontinence was an issue at this stage for her and thus she was always wearing diapers. We went and sat in the grass as she ate a bone and enjoyed being outside. Another nap for Chance while I admired her and the relationship we’d shared for the last 16 years.

Then we went to dinner and enjoyed some live music from a local classical guitarist. Chance couldn’t really hear it, but we’ll pretend she loved it. She does love going to dinner with me though, especially since it’s hard for me to resist giving her part of my plate.

The next day we headed out, stopping for an obligatory Sedona pic along the way.


It was a simple weekend, but at that stage in her life it was really eventful and full of her favorite things. I’d do anything for that dog and when your dog gets that old I know you’ll feel the same. I hope you are given enough time to prepare and hopefully a weekend where you can go escape and celebrate your friendship like I got to do with Chance.

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