A lost purse and a flight to catch

I wrote yesterday’s post a few hours too early because things really took a turn shortly thereafter.

When I wrote yesterday’s post I was sitting at Starbucks. I’d first sat outside but then moved inside when I had to ask for the wifi password. I sat and worked/wrote for a couple of hours and then published the entry when all of a sudden I realized I had left my purse outside.

“Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t”. I rushed outside to of course see that after a couple hours it was missing. If you haven’t been to Austin before (or maybe this is recent?) there is a huge homeless/beggar population. Someone on literally (really) every corner. In fact when I ran outside to look for the purse someone came up to me asking for money and I replied “I wish I could, but I think my purse was stolen”. He genuinely felt really bad and pointed me towards the hotel security guard who would have hopefully seen something. He hadn’t.

I had no idea what I’d do, my flight was 24 hours away and my ID was in the purse along with my debit card and my corporate credit card. I went and double checked my seat inside to make sure I hadn’t just forgotten and misplaced it. I hadn’t. Sure it was missing I went and asked the barista if anyone had turned in a purse. His face said no. The shake of his head confirmed it.

But then his smile said yes. “What color?” he asked. “Red!” I exclaimed. “I’m SO glad you came back for it” he said, cheerfully, proud that he tricked me. Not the time to be tricked I wanted to say! Then immediately I felt a flood of guilt. I had just assumed that someone had walked by outside and taken it. And I assumed it was a beggar.

It was a good reminder and good lesson that people really do tend to be good at heart. I have no idea who turned it in, but I’m reminded that even people who may need something more than you don’t naturally turn to theft, sometimes, but people are naturally good. I even had $100 cash in the purse that was still there, so it was definitely an honest person who returned it for me. Excited, I got an unsweetened chai tea latte. Mmmm. I looked for the man who’d asked me for money earlier, but he was long gone, on to another corner by now. When I’d needed him he tried to help me. Think about that next time someone asks you for help.

“Don’t make assumptions, Nikki. Be better” I thought. “I’ll be better” I replied to myself. If you need one, let this serve as a gentle reminder to you as well.

Thanks as always.

To quote Ellen, “Be kind to one another”.


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Next up, a story about a dream that I didn’t even know I had coming true. Intriguing, I know…


FYI, the photo used was not my own but captured the essence of the lesson I’d learned.

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